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From Mark Mahieu <>
Subject Re: Closing items 49-56,58-65 as duplicate -- PLEASE READ
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 01:06:26 GMT

>I agree totally, but I don't think bug tracking is the real issue here.

>There have been a few very critical emails on this incident.  I have compiled a list of
the changes so that everyone may understand why they were grouped.  Please note the times.
>16 total in a span of 5 hours, all to packages only Alex is working on.  
In almost every company I've worked for professionally in the last few 
years, it has been pretty much *policy* to track issues individually 
exactly as Alex originally did, regardless of whether anyone else is 
working on that particular area of the system.  Whether or not it's 
actually *necessary* or even 'more work' for someone in each case is 
usually irrelevant; what matters is good general practise.

I'd be interested to know exactly which emails you consider to be 
critical by the way...

>I am very happy to review changes and assist contributors, but I do not encourage people
to send a steady stream of patches all day long because they are upset they don't have cvs
privileges and are trying to make a point.
David, I'm really having trouble understanding what you mean by that.  
Now I'm sure there must be more to it, and I doubt (hope) you didn't 
mean it to come across this way but it seems you've pretty much just 
publicly characterised one of your most enthusiastic contributors as a 
petulant brat simply because he used the bug-tracking system in a way 
that didn't suit you.  If there have been guidelines prominently set out 
about what is or is not acceptable practise then I apologise.  I can't 
see them anywhere though, so I have to wonder whether I may fall foul of 
the same kind of 'mistake' that Alex apparently just has if I start 
contributing code.

Regardless, this all seems to have been blown way out of proportion.  
Personally, my feeling is that if the committers want contributors to be 
useful to the project then they should at the very least publish 
guidelines on how they wish JIRA etc to be used.  Then gently point 
people at those guidelines the first time you deem them to have 
offended.  As some of the committers love to tell people, this project 
has a WIKI.  It even has a FAQ for developers!

I really hope I've got the wrong end of the stick here, but as one of 
the many people on the 'outside' of this project looking in and 
wondering whether to get actively involved, the public mailing lists 
aren't presenting the most attractive image.



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