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From "Daniel S. Haischt">
Subject Re: Who are working on the JMS integration
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:04:40 GMT
Thies Edeling wrote:

> If the message broker is JMS compliant it implements the JMS API's. Or am
> I mixing up the JMS API's with API's for integration ?

there are to different messaging components ...

  a) a JMS API compliant provider which abstracts the
     underlying MOM, for example IBM shipps a JMS
     provider that abstracts their MQSeries product.

  b) the framework/components that allows to integrate
     the JMS provider into a J2EE server system and
     delegates requests from/to the JMS provider.

     there are two method to accomplish this ...

     1) create a proprietary integration framwork that
        tightly couples the JMS provider to the J2EE
        server infrastructer.

        this _might_ have the advantage that the
        integration part is optimized for that specific
        JMS provider, but on the other site this approach
        limits you to that specific JMS provider.

     2) create a JCA resource adapter (*.rar) which will
        be loaded while starting the J2EE server and which
        will delegate requests to the JMS provider. the
        resource adapter is _kinda_ similar to a JDBC driver.

        this is the mor generic way and the way that i would

final note: we don't need to care about part a), that's
the resposibility of the JMS provider vendor (aka OpenJMS).


daniel s. haischt

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