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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Comments on committer process
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 18:11:38 GMT
On Wednesday, Sep 10, 2003, at 19:02 Europe/London, Noel J. Bergman 

> When the process starts, your name would naturally and normally be at 
> the
> top of a list.  But the hard sell is going to rub at least some people 
> the
> wrong way, and I would hate to see that happen.

Sorry, wasn't meant to be a hard sell.

> I know it is tough, but kick back and give the process time to settle 
> in.
> This is all part of incubation.  The Community must learn how to 
> operate.
> Sometimes it takes a bit of strain before people realize that something
> really does need to get done.

I merely filed it so that it would encourage other potentially 
interested committers to put their names forward. After all, I'm sure 
that people know me by now -- but what about others who are working 
towards that goal as well?

As one someone's earlier mails pointed out, sometimes it's just that it 
needs a kick-started process to get the ASF process into action, and in 
essence, that's the point of Davanum's original suggestion.

It's also been suggested that a Wiki would work for the same effect, 
but it's more likely that the current committers are going to read this 
mailing list so having a record of other interested people would be 
more advantageous if brought up on the e-mail list.

Does that explain why I filed it a little better?


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