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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject [wiki] I really think we should use the codehaus wiki
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 09:50:24 GMT
I really think we should use the wiki system on instead of 
apachewiki.  The codehaus wiki produces much more readable pages, 
letting content writers deal with the content and not the formatting to 
make readable pages., supports nesting pages deeper than two levels 
(apachewiki will bitch if there is more than one '/' in a page name), 
supports generation of table of contents for sections, better 
formatting for code blocks, spell checking, page watching, templates 
and more...

I ported the Twiddle docs (as they were), so you can compare for 


I am willing to port the rest of the pages as I believe that it is 
beneficial to switch wikis.  The wiki will only get bigger so I believe 
that we need a more robust wiki to keep things in order.

Further (lite) reading:


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