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From founder_chen <>
Subject Re: [build] How to output building log
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 12:03:04 GMT
Hi, Prabhakar
   It works, thx, ;).
   Well you can use maven > my_logfile get log in
depth detail.


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Sender: Prabhakar Chaganti
Time: 2003/9/13 13:17
Subject: Re: [build] How to output building log

You can try this:
maven build > my_logfile

All info will be written to your log file and you
won't see anything in
the console, which may or may not be what you want.

Also running maven with the -X switch will give you
uberVerbose output.
  Currently there is no way to selectively pipe output
from the compile.


>    There are a lot of info output to my console when
> build Geronimo with maven every day, but there are
> limited useful infomation which I can get from 
> maven.log, such as error, warn , etc.
> Is there anybody can tell me how to output the
> building info to the maven.log or other file, thanks

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