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From Kevin Conner <>
Subject RE: Plan of Action (RE: committers (again))
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 15:26:48 GMT
> Then either commit if (if you have rights) or send it to the list
> for someone else to commit it.  The same goes for new fuctionality.

The biggest problem I have found with open source projects
is when you send fixes/changes to the list and they disappear
into a black hole.  You never know whether it is because
the code is poor, someone just hasn't dealt with it, or
because you have a funny name :-)

We're running with a modified version of jboss because
we couldn't get the changes that were important to us
back into the code base, even the changes that we supplied.

It may be overkill to have a mentor for every person willing
to work on the project (the code is usually the best teacher
IMHO), but it would be great to have someone responsible for
those of us who do not have commit access.


Kevin Conner
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