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From Alan Cabrera <>
Subject RE: Geronimo Deployment Descriptors
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 12:23:15 GMT

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> From: Jeremy Boynes [] 
> To clarify, I think the spec defines deployment as the 
> process of taking a generic (vendor-neutral) assembled 
> application and getting it to run on a platform. The [J2EE] 
> spec sub-divides this into three tasks: Installation, 
> Configuration and Execution [pp 17]; the Deployment spec [88] 
> keeps the same concepts in a different order: Configuration, 
> Distribution and Start [pp 8]. This latter makes more sense 
> in a clustered environment.
> I believe that the Deployment Descriptors are the 
> standardized input to the Configuration process. The 
> specification does not define what a platform's configuration 
> data looks like, allowing solutions such as WebLogic's where 
> is it stored in the archive as XML files, or solutions such 
> as WebSphere's where it is stored in a configuration repository.
> There is no requirement for the platform to read the 
> deployment descriptor itself at runtime; a platform may 
> choose to do so (especially if that is the sole location for 
> configuration information, e.g. BEA or JBoss) but it is not required.
> This allows us, if we wish, to pre-compile the configuration 
> information into other forms. For example, it could be an 
> archive of serialized MBean states that can simply be 
> unmarshalled by the server and started. This has many 
> potential advantages, such as reducing the startup time for 
> very large applications or reducing the resources required 
> for an embedded server.

This is obviously a compelling scenario.  I'm sold.


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