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From Eric White <>
Subject Re: Looking for something to do?
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 22:52:09 GMT

I am willing to help write unit tests and fix bugs for JSR 115.  I just joined
the mailing list yesterday.  I have managed to download and build geronimo using
 maven.  I even have a patch ready for the warning message Jetty displays when
starting up.

However, as a newbie I do have some questions around the whole development process.

1. Does running '$> maven site' in the incubator-geronimo folder execute all of
the test cases?
2. Is the patch process:

  * Create a issue in the jira with a description: [PATCH] <issue description>
  * Download the latest version from CVS and apply changes
  * Diff my version with the latest CVS version
  * Attach the patch to the jira issue.

Eric W.

(I noticed there is already one Eric contributing to the list)

Eric White

Quoting "Cabrera, Alan" <>:

> Many of you are interested in helping out and are looking for a little
> direction.  I am desperate to get some help in making some unit tests.
> Let me extol the virtues of writing unit tests and assure you that you will
> not be painting a white picket fence.  Unit tests are, obviously, a critical
> part of any project; I initially judge the quality of a project by the
> amount of unit tests written for it.  They are a great way to provide focus
> on learning JSRs and other new technologies; while reading dry specs does
> build character, writing the unit tests will deepen your real understanding
> of the spec.  Writing good unit tests can be almost as challenging as
> developing the actual product.
> If you are interested in helping me out w/ the JSR 115 and some other things
> I'm working on, please contact me at  I'll help you in
> getting started and answer the myriad of questions that are sure to follow.
> Regards,
> Alan
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