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From Ray Elenteny <>
Subject Looking for a place to jump in...
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 18:20:00 GMT

I've been looking for place to "jump into" the project.  I've examined
the sources, reviewed the Wiki and have been following the email list
since shortly after its inception.  The project appears to be moving
quite rapidly and I don't want to "help" in a way that's duplicating an
effort already in progress.

The Wiki has a J2EE Development Tasks section.  It appears that several
of these items are in progress.  One item that essentially has a shell
in the current distribution and is listed in the development tasks is a
JNDI implementation.

Is there an effort already underway with JNDI?  Are there short term
plans?  Any ideas other than what's already stated in the Wiki?

I have written several JNDI implementations including simple in
memory-based, xml-based and JDBC-based, all in cross-platform
environments.  This is an area in which I could start to pitch in if the
help is needed.

In general, I'm looking to pitch in wherever it is helpful.  Aside from
JNDI work, any other areas that just need someone to jump in and get
going - especially related to the server?

Thoughts?  Directions?

Ray Elenteny

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