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From Stefan Schuster <>
Subject Re: Who are working on the JMS integration
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 11:10:10 GMT
The JMS Interface is what you are using 
in th application code (createQueue....)

The JCA is one possible interface to
use for integration in the app-server.

JNDI is what you use to find the ConnectionFactory
etc. OpenJMS comes with its own JNDI provider.
To integrate it into geronimo, we would bind
the ConnectionFactory etc in our own JNDI namespace.
Then, when it is looked up by an application,
we use JCA to construct the requested 
JMS provider.

Hope that is correct and helped you understanding
the interfaces. If anything is wrong or unclear
please tell !!

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 12:51, Thies Edeling wrote:
> > Stefan Schuster wrote:
> >
> > >Maybe we should take a look at more JMS provider
> > implementations than just openJMS see what they are
> > using as an interface to the j2ee server, so we
> > >can pick an interface that is supported by as many
> > >providers as possible.
> >
> > But most message broker vendors provide
> > vendor-specific APIs, These APIs are specific to a
> > message broker product and require an in-depth
> > knowledge
> > of the message broker. Such requirements add to the
> > complexity of building these vendor-specific adapters
> > and also lock us using a particular vendor.
> > So I think it is hard to pick an interface that is
> > supported by as many providers as possible.
> If the message broker is JMS compliant it implements the JMS API's. Or am
> I mixing up the JMS API's with API's for integration ?
> reg,
> Thies

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