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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: Status: JavaMail API implementation now at Alpha quality
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 21:43:30 GMT
Whoah . . .

Alex, is there a possibility that you could bring up your RI bugs with the
spec team for javamail?  If you could get them to acknowledge it as a bug
(or perhaps track down one of the old spec leads), it might help you get out
of this argument without it erupting in flames.

If I were arguing your point, I'd just ask the spec lead for javamail--I
imagine they'd be willing to give you some direction and perhaps give your
argument some authority (failing that, they'd clarify this matter so people
could shrug shoulders and move on).

Best luck,
N. Alex Rupp (

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From: "Dain Sundstrom" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: Status: JavaMail API implementation now at Alpha quality

On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 01:55 PM, Bill de hÓra wrote:

> Seeing as RMH kicked off some honest speaking earlier, here's my 2c on
> all this malarky.
> I'm not seeing peer review on this thread. not by a long shot. I think
> Alex is catching some negative feedback that doesn't strike me as
> clear, useful, or informative. I certainly wouldn't be sure what to do
> to get better after sucking it up. People here, especially those with
> commit and  membership liberties can perhaps do better than
> non-respond to (it seems to me) a fair question by citing the poster
> as melodramatic, or claim patches are being dumped on them again.

I suggest you go back and read the Alex threads.  The reason no one
wants to respond is they don't want to get into this exact kind of
pissing match.  It is an extreme waste of time and almost none of the
threads come to a conclusion, and most end in a rant about how the big
bad committers are crushing his enthusiasm.  Alex has already burned
out David Blevins and my self, and it looks like Jeremy is close to
giving up on working with him.  After that I don't know who would be
willing to work with him, and since he has burned a lot of bridges
already I don't see him getting commit access anytime soon.


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