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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Deployment Descriptors
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 17:07:43 GMT
That's another thing that would be great for us to add to the management
console.  *click here to precompile your JSPs*. . . .

This is all just too much fun : )

I'm with Alex B. in that I think XML has more immediate value (for the sake
of portability), but I also understand Jeremy's point, that huge deployments
require some more tenable solution--and I agree with RMH that eventually,
users shouldn't need to think about how it's configured--it should just
*work*.  I think unmarshalling the XML into some schema-validated format
then optionally caching them would be a good idea.  If the developer or
admin wanted to alter the configuration, they should be able to do so at any
point through the UI, then overwrite the old config or save a new one.  They
*could* at that point choose between multiple configurations.

"Exporting" the config as XML (or .properties) or whatever should be seen as
just another form of persistence for the config.

Of course, that's assuming we all have oodles of time to spend honing this
: )  If I had to pick one way to do it in the beginning, I'd work with XML
files.  After that, sky's the limit.

N. Alex Rupp (

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From: "Jeremy Boynes" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 11:44 AM
Subject: RE: Geronimo Deployment Descriptors

> > However, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't generate the XML,
> > rather than a binary-compatible format that Jeremy was suggesting. An
> > XML document will always be more portable between versions than a
> > generated bunch of code, because when bugs are fixed in the latter you
> > have to regenerate, whereas with an XML file you don't.
> >
> Please do not think I am thinking binary is the only way to go - that
> was discarded back in EJB1.0 days.
> What I want is to have it as an option. For example, parsing the XML with
> full schema validation is a dog - on my machine even a simple file takes a
> couple of seconds and a couple of MB and I am concerned about a) large
> applications with hundreds of modules taking forever to start, and b)
> applications trying to run with constrained resources. And yes, we do need
> to consider these things :-)
> We have also had proposals for storing configuration information in LDAP
> respositories and relational databases, neither of which would allow
> vi-style access to the XML. A binary format may well be a better option
> them.
> Think of it like JSP: some people want to pre-compile, and this is *very*
> common in production environments.
> --
> Jeremy

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