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From "n. alex rupp" <>
Subject [console] new release of web console available
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 17:16:00 GMT
This weekend I completed the alpha phase of the JMX web console application.
I cleaned up the code a bit, renamed some classes to conform with
conventions and added an introspective view for the MBeans.  This is the
most elementary functionality required for the application to be of any use
to you all.

I'm not certain the application deploys in Geronimo yet--the requirements
for placement of  tag library definitions (tlds) in the web container are at
this time a mystery to me.  I developed it in Elba and it works well there,
so once we can get it to deploy in Geronimo, we're set.  The application is
available to you all at for

My offer to donate the existing codebase and future versions to the ASF
stands, but I know it would be difficult to maintain and update via proxy,
so I plan to continue developing it at SF for the time being.   When
significant milestones are reached, I'll let you all know and release a new
version for submission to the project.  I'm doing this so that I can
maintain maximum flexibility and access to the CVS tree of the project
without placing another management hurdle before the existing committers.
I'll not unnecessarily burden the project team with constant patches and
commits.  The point of my subproject is to assist the developers and ease
development, not entangle them with the maintenence of my codebase.

Thank you James for your links to EJTools.  I'm interested to see their
features and looking forward to adding more advanced functionality to the
web console.  A standing invitation exists for anyone who wants to help
out--experience with design and JSP tag libraries is a huge plus for this
subproject.  There were a few great suggestions earlier and I'd like to
revisit some of them now that I've got the bare-bones features built.

I think I'll start by re-organizing the web-console section of the wiki.

N. Alex  Rupp (

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