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From "Siva" <>
Subject Re: [console] [web] Next round of changes and features
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 23:55:16 GMT
May be I can be work on this.let me know the things to do
so that we can work together.


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From: "n. alex rupp" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 12:17 AM
Subject: [console] [web] Next round of changes and features

> Hello everyone,
> I'm working on the console.web module and I would welcome any help,
> especially from anyone with a good eye for graphic design and a lot of
> experience writing JSP tag libraries.
> I'm about to start on the next couple of features for the console.  It
> involves extending what I've already done and adding the ability to change
> the properties of an MBean.
> Actually, I prepared a patch to fix some of the naming inconsistencies (I
> don't think users should have to type "jmx-console" as a URL for the
> application, but should rather have to type "console"), but I'm not
> that I prepared the patch correctly.  I'm used to going straight through
> CVS, so this was a little worrying.  I was hoping I could get some help
> verifying the patch so I could check it into Jira and comfortably move
> forward, but I know several of the committers are busy this week with
> "real" jobs so they won't have time to do this.
> It is precisely for reasons like this that I was hesitant to commit the
> console as a new module to the project in the first place.  I'm not
> what the best route is for moving forward.  Proxy access via the
> is a hassle for everyone involved, particularly since my work isn't
> (to my knowledge) by any specification and is therefore not mission
> critical.
> Anyway, I'm going to get started on another round of features for the
> console.  I'd like to add an application view and enable write access for
> write-enabled fields.  I make heavy use of simple servlet technology and
> technology (which I'm happy to expain if there are questions).  So, anyone
> interested in helping me out should let me know.
> Someone mentioned a while back that there was an SF project that built a
> bunch of custom JSP tags for accessing JMX resources.  Does anyone know
> anything more about that?
> Looking forward to hearing from some of the newer faces.
> Best,
> --
> N. Alex  Rupp (

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