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From "Ryan Ackley" <>
Subject Re: [vote] Process for adding committers
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:59:45 GMT
> Surely the basic ideas are the same, though?

I was trying to point out that there doesn't have to be a set week for
nominations. It is possible to have 100 new committers in the next 10
minutes if a current committer steps up and nominates people and they have
the votes.

If you are a committer and you feel someone *deserves* to be a committer
just propose them as committer right now! Why wait for some week thats set

The only purpose I see to something like that is to motivate the current
committers to actually nominate someone. If this is the case this is
defeating the purpose of the system. It should be a spontaneous vote based
on the merits of the proposed committer. Not "We need 4 new committers, who
do we pick?"


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