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From "Sergei Batiuk" <>
Subject [WishList] [Deployment] [EJB]
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 07:01:58 GMT
I would like to discuss this before posting to the Geronimo WishList.
=== Stubless and stubs-enabled deployment ===
One of the greatest problems in the EJB development, is that EJB
deployment usually takes a lot of time (in servers like Weblogic, or
SunONE appserver), because a container needs to generate and compile
stub classes for EJBs. JBoss and JRun provide fast deployment because
they use reflection instead of code generation and compilation. However,
the EJB invocation based on reflection is known for being slower than
the one based on stubs.
Therefore, two types of EJB deployment required: 
1. For development, it's best to use stubless deployment, based on
reflection (like in JBoss and JRun). This will enable fast deployment
cycles. Performance impact on remote method invocation is not critical
during application development; but the speed of deployment is.
2. For production, it's best to use deployment based on stubs to provide
better performance (like in Weblogic and SunONE). After you make sure
your EJBs work well, you won't need to deploy them often. In production
remote method inocation performance matters, and the speed of deployment
is not that important.
Sergei Batiuk.

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