Ok, I understand. But I don't know if it will be easier after.
But, is there anybody working on JAF? I purpose myself for working on ! I don't really know about this spec but it seems to be at my level. Or If you are interested in translation stuff, I can also do it.
Laurent F.
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It is too much overhead to start up a new project for each spec right now. Perhaps later they will be moved, but for now it is easiest to keep them as part of Geronimo.


On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 03:00 PM, Laurent ForÍt wrote:

First of all, I am presenting myself : I am a three years experienced in java and j2ee french developper.
    I have learned recently the existence of this new project and I would like to collaborate, so I began to read the J2EE specs.
    And I have a little question or remark :
    What are the specs implemented in this project, and why ?
    For example, I have seen some mails about the implementation of the Javamail spec. Is it the right project for implementing this spec ? If we go further, in the javamail implementation does it include the JAF spec ?
    From my point of view, I will see the implementation of these specs (Javamail, JAF) in another Apache project (maybe subproject) like Xalan is for jaxp.
And I think is to the geronimo project to decide which implementation to use.
    To be clear : one spec = one project.
    It will be more flexible.
Laurent ForÍt.