I am gonna read all the specs, and I will have one week holiday in september to begin the impl.
So, let's go.
Laurent F.
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On Monday, Aug 25, 2003, at 10:30 Europe/London, Jason Dillon wrote:

Ok, I understand. But I don't know if it will be easier after.

Should not be a problem if the spec & impl code is well isolated into a module.

 But, is there anybody working on JAF? I purpose myself for working on ! I don't really know about this spec but it seems to be at my level. Or If you are interested in translation stuff, I can also do it.

I have no idea what is going on with the JAF spec bits... :-|

I think that the JAF interfaces were imported by Maas van den Berg to provide placeholders. However, I do not know if he was in the process of implementing them.


Presently, I'm working on the JavaMail stuff which will require the JAF stuff to be operational, so I had intended to see what was necessary to get JavaMail up and working. But if you are volunteering to spend time developing the JAF, that would be great :-)