I just wanted to say that I think I think this project is a bad idea:
-There are open source J2EE proejcts out there already.
-This is not inovative.
-The user comunity did not ask for this.
-It wastes resources
-Tomcat 5 and JSTL are already doing a lot of this, J2EE should be about pick and chose

<WILD: Guess= "Sun wants to use ASF to make EJB more important then it is, and weaken JBoss.
I think Java-ASF and Sun should part ways:
They are trading near liquidation, the value of cash in bank. Java != SunW anymore. "/>
I think a C# section would be better for OS, to support projects like N-Hibrenate and MavNet on Borland C#, which is a free download.
ASF has PHP, and HTTP is writen in C, so why not an ECMA standard C#
Is there someplace where a vote on this project can be seen? Even BOD should show up on reports.
EJB should be allowed to die w/o artifical support.
Good luck,
It realy makes me wonder about ASF, last time they voted without comment on
As per above I Quote:
"though IBM and Motorola still voted no. There also appear to be some disagreements within the JCP board about the licensing of these specs. Sun apparently plans to charge a "Per unit royalty fee which will be dependent on volume."
Doug Lea voted with comment.
Apache vote with Sun with YES, without comment this says.
I am wondering why?
My project on sf.net is now a non ASF license, I am using open commons license instead.