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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject [PATCH] State Manageable Object
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:16:58 GMT

A small issue related to the org.apache.geronimo.common.State component is 
fixed by the enclosed patch (patch-core-java).

Moreover, the proposed patch adds the following components:
- org.apache.geronimo.common.EventMediator: Manage the event distribution 
among the management applications;
- org.apache.geronimo.common.EventProvider: Contained by an 
AbstractComponent. If the component is a "State Manageable Object", SMO, 
then it contains an EventProvider in order to broadcast some specific 
- org.apache.geronimo.common.SMONotification: State event broadcasted by a 
SMO on entering of a specific event; and
- org.apache.geronimo.ejb.ContainerImplStateTest: Basic unit test 
registering a dummy management  application tracking the state of a 
org.apache.geronimo.ejb.ContainerImpl component. As a matter of fact, 
ContainerImpl is not a component to be monitored according to the JSR77. 
However, it could be a good starting point to reflect on the proposed patch 
and decide how we want to provide the hooks required by JSR77.

org.apache.geronimo.ejb.ContainerImplStateTest (contained by 
patch-core-test) should be added to the 
geronimo\incubator\modules\core\src\test sub-project.
The other ones should be added to the 
geronimo\incubator\modules\core\src\java sub-project.

By the way, is it possible to add to the Wiki the exact procedure to follow 
to propose a patch?

A subsidiary question: where can I download the source of the interfaces (JSR77)?


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