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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: [deployment][jsr77] Dependency code in AbstractStateManageable.
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 06:08:00 GMT

>>Create an AbstractManagedObject which implements ManagedObject and 
I assume that ManagedObject will be an interface defining the 
J2EEManagedObject. That AbstractManagedObject will be an implementation of 
ManagedObject, in other words J2EEManagedObject, and also an implementation 
of StateManageable.

If my assumptions are right, then it means that the 77 models/components 
should extend AbstractManagedObject. I said in a previous memo, that this is 
an implementation via inheritance of the problem. Even if inheritance is 
fine for the StateManageable requirements, I still believe that a 
composition will be more handy:

A component, which mirrors a specific J2EEManagedObject as defined by the 
specifications, creates the relevant J2EEManagedObject. This 
J2EEManagedObject is added to the 77 model. This additional layer, focused 
solely on the 77 requirements, can then be used to manage the J2EE 
applications. Up to the component to push the relevant pieces of information 
to its mirroring J2EEManagedObject. Up to the J2EEManagedObject to trigger 
the StateManageable operations on its related component.

I must have a look to the "Deployment" sub-project, but I assume that it is 
easy to trigger the creation of J2EEDeployedObject when a EAR is deployed. 
If this EAR contains a EJB, then an EJBModule is added to the previously 
created J2EEDeployedObject instance. If this EAR contains a Web-app, then a 
WebModule is created and also added to this J2EEDeployedObject. When I say 
"added", it could be via the standard POJO style. However if you prefer a 
JMX approach, one could modelize the 77 model via roles and relation types 
and let the relation service deals with it.

I have surely missed something, so anyone could explain me why we are not 
going into this direction?


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