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From "gianny DAMOUR" <>
Subject Re: [JSR77] Workplan proposal
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:37:28 GMT

>I have seen some patches that implement some of the top
>level objects, but I haven't seen them under the specs.  Is anyone else
>working on this, if not I would like to.
I checked the repository yesterday, and at this time, the top level classes 
are not committed. It has been decided to define these classes in the 

>Is anyone else working on this, if not I would like to.
I am also "working" on JSR77. My current goal is to propose a strategy to 
plug the model without significant impacts on the kernel (I have defined 
some instrumentation interfaces, what I called "glue" in previous mails, to 
be used by the kernel to provide the information required by the model). I 
should be able to release this proposal tonight. I was unable to submit it 
yesterday because AbstractStateManageable "extends" 
NotificationBroadcasterSupport. Weird...Perhaps that it should only use 
under the cover a NotificationBroadcasterSupport. To be discussed.


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