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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject [PATCHes] [JSR-88] JavaDoc & Maven Doc
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 21:28:37 GMT
	I think the outcome of the JavaDoc conversation was more or less 
that people don't need to feel obligated to write JavaDoc for javax APIs, 
but if they do it will be used, and it is an easily-parallelizable 
activity.  If you agree (and you happen to be a committer), please 
consider the JSR-88 JavaDoc patch (it covers 2 of the JSR-88 packages, but 
they're the most important ones for the work that's going on right now).

	Also, I noticed that the Maven web site for the JSR-88 module has 
no description, so I added one to the project.xml file for that module -- 
I hope that's where the descriptions on the Maven web site come from, 
though I'm not actually sure.

	Note that neither of these issues are assigned to anybody.  Would
it be a good idea to have a default owner for every issue (who could then
re-assign as appropriate) so things aren't simply dropped?  As you might
guess by the name, GERONIMO-3 appears to be the oldest open issue in Jira.


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