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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: XMLBeans, a quick comment
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 09:09:28 GMT
	I think what he means is that Castor, as configured, generates
more or less POJOs -- if you look at the * classes in
org.apache.geronimo.twiddle.config, there's nothing Castor or XML specific
at all.  I take advantage of this too in the JSR-88 code I'm about to send
out.  One of the advantages here is for JSR-88, you can populate a set of
deployment information JavaBeans either from the JSR-88 DConfigBeans, or
from an XML DD.  It's a one-liner to load or store an XML file, but the
actual objects have no particular XML code in them.  (Granted, the
separate set of XXXDescriptor objects *do* have the XML stuff.)

	That said, I haven't seen what XMLBeans generates, so I don't know 
how it compares.


On Sat, 16 Aug 2003, James Strachan wrote:
> On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 07:49  pm, Jason Dillon wrote:
> > Just looked at the generated sources and it does not appear that 
> > XMLBeans generated bits are intended to function in a non-XML 
> > environment.
> What do you mean? That the generated beans depend on XMLBeans? Thats 
> true of Castor generated beans too isn't it?
> > For example, if someone wanted to construct a bean just using APIs it 
> > looks like they may have to put in some dummy XML fluff, which is 
> > sorta silly IMO.  But I have not really played with it that much, so 
> > this could just be an assumption.
> I don't follow.
> > I would like to see that we eventually use a common tool for xml 
> > binding, but I want to make sure that such a tool will generate 
> > sources which can be easily used when XML is not there at all (like 
> > how Castor generates sources).
> I still don't fully understand what you mean by 'XML not there'. The 
> generated beans from XMLBeans can be used as beans - though there is an 
> interface / impl separation - I'd be OK with just generating beans 
> rather than an interface + impl but I guess it gives some flexibility.
> One unique feature of XMLBeans is that its not lossless. So if you 
> parse some XML you can tinker with the beans & write out the XML again 
> preserving any comments and so forth. This could be useful to allow 
> customisation of XML config files (say, via JMX) & then write them back 
> to disk.
> James
> -------

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