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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Where to dive in?
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 17:55:32 GMT

As someone in the same position, but having spent a while inside Apache I
thought I'd reply a little.

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Jonathan Duty wrote:

> I think that if this project is broken up into modules it will ....

I suspect this will happen relatively soon, once the leaders of Geronimo
get a grip on things. The biggest problem is going to be:

a) Deciding what the modules are [leaving it to evolve might be a bit
b) Handling things which are cross-modular

Most of this though is just standard large-project planning. Architects
who roam across the modules, lead module people, roaming teams in global
concepts like documentation, configuration etc. Wonder how Tomcat handled
this, or if they just evolved.

> transfer that could occur.  If not I can see the newer developers being
> pushed aside and thus being turned off to joining an open source project.

It's the standard rtfm philosphy in open source everywhere. Newcomer
proves they're prepared to put some effort in, and old-timers are
perfectly willing to help. Patience and timely application of effort are
the only tricks to getting into an open project. At the end of the day,
it's still going to be you putting in the hours and the energy.

> Weston M. Price wrote:
> >to be partitioned. I would assume someone is going to be in a "lead" type
> >position for each module (EJB container, JNDI etc), but beyond that, I am
> >really sort of curious as to how others could gravitate to an area of
> >development that is either particularly suited to their skillset, or
> >appealing to them due to a particular learning interest.

Bet it evolves in this way. At some point the powers that be will post a
diagram of the system. Although it may not be specified, people will
appear amongst the powers-that-be to take responsibility for squiggly
shapes on the diagram. At this point, providing development is open,
newcomers will be able to gravitate towards an area.

I already delete a large amount of Geronimo email without bothering to
read it and concentrate on the areas which I've got a hankering for
[general, configuration and jndi].

> >On Sunday 10 August 2003 04:06 am, John Wells wrote:
> >
> >>That said, how can someone like me contribute to Geronimo?  I look at
> >>involvement as a great opportunity for learning and contributing to the
> >>community, but am very unsure where I can jump in.

I reckon any developer can. Although I'm not part of the Maven team, I
like to feel that I've contributed a lot to it through persistent whining
about features I want. Never accept the attitude that pointing out a
problem is not contributing.

The hard part is going to be the specifications. If you want to get a jump
on the rest of the mob here, go choose a spec and grokk it deeply. You'll
be able to contribute a lot then through knowledge of the minutae of JMX
or some such. That's actually what I'm looking at Geronimo at getting me,
deep knowledge of a part of J2EE.


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