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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject J2EE reference implementation
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 06:54:57 GMT

With Tomcat being the RI for the Java 'web' specs, it seems natural that
people will be wondering whether Geronimo:

a) Is the J2EE RI.
b) Wants to be the J2EE RI.

The FAQ should comment on this I think.

Equally, the answer to b) does affect how a lot of the design questions
are discussed. Will Geronimo seek to toe the J2EE line utterly, or look to
add extra features that are not banned by the spec, but a little odd.
JBoss' switch to aspects would be one such example. It doesn't break the
spec [I imagine] but it is quite a difference to other servers out there.

Is Geronimo to be an old plodding shire horse, solid and simple but not
flash, or to be a sleek racing horse, fast and complex? :)


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