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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: WebServices & UI team
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 00:28:04 GMT
Alan Cabrera wrote:
> From: Noel J. Bergman
> > > SOAP can be embedded underneath JMX remote if one wanted to.
> > Actually, you would do it the other way around.  SOAP over
> > JMX Remote.  As I read the JSR 160 specification, chapter 3
> > defines the RMI connection, chapter 4 defines a "generic"
> > connector that is dependent upon being able to
> > bi-directionally stream Java objects.

> You can use SOAP as an underlying protocol although callbacks
> won't be as timely.

I think that putting SOAP under JMX is questionable, but I'm curious to hear
you elaborate if you care to do so.

> > it seems reasonable to assume that system administrators may
> > want various means for administration, such as being able to
> > write perl/python scripts.

> Makes sense.  AAMOF, it makes so much sense that I'm wondering
> if a JSR doesn't already address it.

> > A WSDL definition has to start somewhere.  You think you can
> > find anyone with J2EE admin experience around here?

> I was thinking along the lines of a JSR.  I am lothe to begin
> a non-JSR effort for a standard SOAP admin interface.

I suspect that it would be useful to actually have something if/when
proposing a JSR.  Take JSR 166, for example.  Also, you'll have far more
(and varied) input here than on a typical JSR TF.

	--- Noel

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