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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: CR/LF cleansing
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:16:30 GMT
> I'm surprised that nobody has suggested writing an Ant target using
> the FixCRLF core task

I did.  On August 16th in the thread titled "Unix to DOS", and provided
Jason Dillon with a reference to where we do that in the James build.

Patches should be applied by a Committer, and then a build done.  If the
build is done, the link endings will be fixed.  I think it is generally a
bad policy for a Committer to commit patches that (s)he hasn't *at least*
first subjected to a build.  In fact, from experience, doing a clean build
is necessary; just last week we had someone submit a patch that changed
throws clauses in an interface.  After applying the patch, a build
*appeared* to be OK, but doing a clean build showed some classes where
additional try-catch was necessary.

Has Geronimo adopted policies for what Committers should do regarding
patches, other than ensuring that the ASL is included in any code

	--- Noel

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