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From "Danny Angus" <>
Subject RE: [JavaMail] re-engineering of JavaMail from specs?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:08:18 GMT

> So, in order to meet the specs, which should I follow? Should I provide
> all public  methods listed in the API documentation, or just those that
> are directly mentioned in the PDF? My fear is that if I do the latter,
> then we'll end up failing the TCK since it won't have all the methods
> the TCK is expecting.

Although I still have *huge* reservations about the quantity of work you are
taking on, and how worthwhile it will actually turn out to be, I'm afraid
that think you have to do both or nothing. You'll have to abide by both the
javadocs and the descriptive specification.
Anyone using your clone of javaMail will expect it to honour Sun's
documentation in *exactly* the way they would the published API.

IMO anything else is deviating from the API spec, and probably ought to be
discussed and agreed first.
After all there is still some lack of clarity about how far this project is
about creating a "pure" implementation and how much it is open to
enhancements, and that's just with regard to implementations and the "clean
room" re-creation of interfaces, never mind what you are proposing, which is
a fully blown re-creation of existing API classes, without (because I
believe it is expressly prohbited by the licence) reverse engineering or
refrence to the source code.


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