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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject RE: RES: RES: Dynamic proxies
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 15:41:27 GMT

> 	One could argue that since the specs say you can only use local
> interfaces for EJBs in the same EAR, you should put all the EJBs you want
> local access to *in the same EAR*.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Are you sure? My belief is that ejb-link's are restricted to the same EAR
but local interfaces can be used to access anything in the same VM. "A local
client is a client that is collocated in the same JVM with the session or
entity bean that provides the local client view and which may be tightly
coupled to the bean." [1]

> 	Another way to approach the deployment problem is to allow the
> redeployment of JARs/WARs within an EAR.  I think JSR-88 allows for that,
> and in general it should be possible to autodetect what's changed in the
> EAR (based on file sizes, dates, checksums, or something along those
> lines).

I didn't think so. It says redeployment "is valid for TargetModuleIDs that
represent a root module. A root TargetModuleID has no parent." [2]

[1] EJB 2.1 pp54
[2] Deployment (JSR88) pp 23

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