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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject RE: [twiddle] Twiddle is now booting Geronimo
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 21:04:51 GMT

> Specifically what do you think must be changed?

I don't think core should depend on twiddle - for what StartCommand is
doing, it could quite happily be a part of twiddle rather than the core; the
only class it uses from core is Main vs. a bucketload from twiddle.

twiddle will be one UI to the system but there will be many others - e.g. a
HTML GUI, a RMI based management console, plugins for Eclipse, ... These are
likely to have their own interfaces to the core, probably via JMX, and will
not use twiddle at all.

So, specifically, move StartCommand into twiddle and remove any new
dependencies that were added to project/maven.xml

You could put the main method back into Main too - it's not super functional
but is damn simple.

>   * * *
> Here is a little background on Twiddle (the concept and the future)...
> Twiddle aims to be a simple command shell, sporting and interactive
> console, to make it simple to write command-line tools.  Command line
> tools should have a consistent interface and be easily organized
> (instead of littering up bin/* with scripts).
> The short-term vision is to provide a simple container for commands
> (which is mostly done).
> The medium-term vision is to use Twiddle as the bootstrap for Geronimo,
> letting Twiddle handle the details of the initial footprint, as well as
> to provide a set of admin commands to work on Geronimo
> (start/stop/deploy/status/...) using either interactive or
> non-interactive console modes.

This is cool, but make sure that twiddle uses the same management interface
as other tools. I'd hate to be in a position where some things could only be
done using twiddle because it had a 'special' interface.

> The long-term vision is to turn Twiddle into a Geronimo component, so
> that one could telnet/ssh into the server to run commands on the live
> instance, especially to run a script interpreter command (using BSF or
> something) so that one could evaluate a Jython or BeanShell script on
> the live server.

I'm not convinced this is necessary. Twiddle can be a client-side shell
environment communicating with the server using the same protocols as other
admin tools - this seems to work for products such as PostgreSQL, Postfix,
Cyrus-IMAP, Oracle, ...


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