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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [common] code review
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:26:23 GMT
> The nested exception classes should be removed.  Exception nesting is 
> handled quite well by the Java 1.4 platform classes.

Fine w/me as long as the stack traces for the native throwables a 
readable with deep nesting.  Meant to look into this, but did not.

> We don't need an UnreachableStatementException anymore.  Instead you 
> should throw an AssertionError (this is noted in the assertion 
> facilitates documentation).

Perhaps should be changed to UnreachableStatementError which extends 
AssertionError so that USE could handle the details of message 

> I'm not sure why we need the platform.Java class at all right now, as 
> we only support 1.4, and our stuff won't even run on an earlier 
> version.  If we do keep it, it should use a type safe enumeration.  I 
> am happy to make this change.

I would keep it, so that we can use it to detect the VM version easily. 
  If you want to turn it into a type safe enum go for it.


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