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From James Strachan <>
Subject [xmlbeans] quick heads up on experimental module
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:16:34 GMT
I've just committed an experimental module called xmlbeans (but kept it 
out of the main build). What its meant to be is a set of auto-generated 
Java Beans that represent the various J2EE config files in XML. 
(web.xml, ejb-jar.xml, application.xml and so forth). There's quite a 
few these days.

The idea was folks could use this little library if they wanted to load 
or mess with the XML config files & then hide the XML stuff and just 
use Java beans. Also for folks wishing to do dynamic deployments of 
EJBs or Servlets or MDBs or whatever they could just make a few Java 
beans and invoke the right operation on some Geronimo component / MBean 

Xmlbeans purely an experiment right now. I tried Castor and it choked 
on the schema (have left the Maven goal in case anyones any bright 
ideas). I tried JAXB and after some fighting it could do ejb-jar.xml & 
the j2ee schema but couldn't do all of them in one go. Due to the 
distribution issues of JAXB today (which is apparently gonna be fixed 
soon as it moves to Java.Net with a real open source licence) and its 
large dependency list at runtime - maybe an alternative is in order.

We could extend / hack JAXB to make simpler beans with less 
dependencies. Or there's other tools to try yet - like XMLBeans or 
Zeus. Or we could do XSLT on the schema documents to take the stuff out 
of them that breaks Castor.

So various options really. Just thought I'd give folks a heads up of my 
little experiment. Any input / ideas / patches welcome.


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