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From "Koller, Shmuel" <>
Subject RE: Geronimo on z/OS Unix
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:35:26 GMT
Alan, z/OS Unix is a fully branded Unix 95 -
yet its has its own C/C++ compiler, IBM JVM and SDK, ebcdic rather ascii, 
and many documents (aka IBM Redbooks)  on porting code, including OpenSource
to this platform.

Java code runs as is, but many other things in a product need porting.

The idea is to get Geronimo code,  port it while keeping 100% functionality
on z/OS.

You can get to z/OS Unix using telnel, Xwindows, rlogin, ftp,  etc - work on

To keep one code base, any C code for example will have to include %ifdef
MVS, if any piece of C.
All to say I foresee the z/OS code base inside geronimo CVS.


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From: Cabrera, Alan []
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Subject: RE: Geronimo on z/OS Unix

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> From: Koller, Shmuel [] 
> I will like to undertake this contribution - produce 
> OpenSource J2EE for yet another platform, z/OS. The port to 
> z/OS will take the Unix variant of Geronimo (packaging, scripts)
> and will be targetted to full incubation of Geronimo in z/OS 
> Unix Services & JVM technology.


I'm confused.  If we stick to Jars, what further work needs to be done?

Just curious.


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