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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: One True Way (TM) of handling configuration files
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 20:43:18 GMT
> I would rather see a parallel directory structure that would contain 
> overrides for information in
> those descriptors, i.e.
> /overrides/myapp.ear/application.xml
> Would override the application.xml inside
> /deploy/myapp.ear

Why not make it part of the installation process? Does it really need 
to be specified in an associated file? For example, deploy myapp.ear 
with myapp.xml overrides.

I don't think that necessarily different directories may be the answer; 
just write out the overriden state into the same place with a different 
extension, such as myapp.geronimo.

> Or something along these lines.  Perhaps that data is in a database, 
> or comes from multiple sources,
> or is managed by a GUI.  The point is, leave the original artifacts 
> (EARs, WARs, JARs) alone, and
> augment them from the outside.

Totally agree with this one.


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