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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [build] Only run tests if something changed?
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 06:57:38 GMT

On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 11:03  pm, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 03:48 PM, Alex Blewitt wrote:
>> On Friday, Aug 15, 2003, at 20:45 Europe/London, Bruce Snyder wrote:
>>> This one time, at band camp, Dain Sundstrom said:
>>> DS>Can we change the build system to by default only run the module 
>>> unit
>>> DS>test if something changed in the module?
>>> DS>
>>> DS>When we get integration tests, I would like the default to by 
>>> default
>>> DS>only run the integration if something changed in the domain being
>>> DS>tested, but that is for the future.
>>> This is a good argument, especially as more tests are added. Does 
>>> anyone
>>> know how this can be accomplished in Maven?
>> I can see where there'd be situations where you may not expect that, 
>> though. For example, JavaMail depends on Activation, and I could 
>> change something in Activation (and only re-run Activation tests) 
>> which breaks something later in JavaMail.
> This is exactly what I want.  If I change anything in the module (at 
> all) or if one of my dependencies is new, run all of the module tests, 
> otherwise don't.

Why not just run the tests in the module you're in?

	cd geronimo/modules/foo
	maven test

I'm not aware of any mechanism for only running the tests in a module 
if a dependent jar has changed. I wonder if the Continuum thingy  - 
Continuous Integration for Maven - could handle this kinda thing.  Or 
you could add this as a feature request in Maven's JIRA.


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