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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [Testing] Testing
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 09:25:28 GMT
> I agree that it's duplicate info. One reason is to make the tests as
> self-contained as possible. This makes report generation easier because
> there is no dependency on an external, separately maintained resource.
> Maybe it is too much data and isn't necessary? Maybe the following is
> more reasonable:
> @spec
>     name="J2EE"
>     version="1.4"
>     chapter-name="Transaction Management"
>     section-name="Transactional JDBC Technology Support"
>     section-number="4.2.7"
>     page-number="64"

I think you'll end up with a situation where a spec-test developer will 
just put in the section-number, since that's essentially what 
highlights it. Also, if the section is prefixed with a document name 
(J2EE_1.4-4.2.7) then you can pretty much get rid of everything else.

I agree that having everything self-contained is good, but I can't see 
developers caring about typing in chapter-name and section-name each 
time they need a test. It should be relatively easy to put the sections 
in a properties file listing each of them and just do a lookup (using 
J2EE_1.4-4.2.7 as a key in a properties file)

J2EE_1.4-4.2.7=J2EE 1.4: Transaction Management (Transactional JDBC 
Technology Support)
J2EE_1.4-6.17=J2EE 1.4: Java Management Extensions

(see attached file)

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