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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: Author Tags
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 09:03:50 GMT
> changelog files are a much better indication of whom to liase with than
> historic @Author tags, particularly as the project matures and the 
> people
> change.
> James provides a page of credits where people can be publicly named and
> thanked which I believe is also more appropriate than @Author tags.

I think this is an excellent approach. Most people want to see their 
name 'in print', and use @author tags to do it, but then the issues of 
code ownership raise their ugly heads.

Having a separate credits page will solve that issue, and then any 
code-responsibility questions can be directed to those in the 

> We have
> also discussed the use of CVS keyword replacement "$id$" (is that 
> right?) in
> the @Author tag to at least identify the last comitter to work on a 
> file.
> The jury is out on the merit of that one, as it is carried into the 
> released
> javadocs, which may be problematic as the comitter may not be the 
> actual
> author of the changes.

I think that with a project where there are many developers and only a 
few commiters, having the commiter's ID doesn't really add much, but 
may be useful for checking why particular patches went through.

> I would expect that any external (non-contributor) requests for help 
> would
> be better directed to the appropriate list and not the @Author, and 
> likewise
> I would also expect any responsible contributor to review the change 
> log and
> relevant commit logs for the code they are interested in if they want 
> to
> discuss issues with a specific previous author. Otherwise the normal 
> means
> of communication (dev- lists) can be used as normal.

Agree completely.


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