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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Submitted directory structure for new 'mail' module
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:55:56 GMT
On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003, at 18:38 Europe/London, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> Chill.  We will add a mail module later, but we really don't need it 
> now.  Right now core contains EJB and that will be moved later also.  
> Once we get something going we will do a big refactor and move out 
> EJB, mail and anything not deemed core.

I think it can safely be assumed that 'JavaMail' is as much as an 
independent component as EJB, Web, Twiddle etc.

The reason that the EJB is in core is that's what was there in the 
import build. Since then, other things have been added, and where 
sensible they have gone into separate modules.

Given that it is highly unlikely that JavaMail will ever be just 
tightly integrated into the Geronimo core (indeed, other Apache 
developers have expressed an interest in being able to access it) there 
is no real reason to put it in core when it can be put in its own 
module. Putting it into core with the intent of later refactoring just 
delays the refactoring process until later and makes it potentially 
harder than starting in the right direction.

There are also configuration files which must be a part of the JavaMail 
implementation, and should not be mistaken for other code. Introducing 
it into the core module now would result in that extra piece of 
information potentially coming lost during a refactoring process.

Given that I have already written the module's project.xml file (with 
necessary dependencies) and set up the resources correctly, there is no 
extra cost involved in setting up a module to handle it. It also 
separates out the source code from other parts of the Geronimo core, so 
that (for example) it is possible to run the JavaMail implementation 
tests separately from the Core tests. As the JavaMail is in its 
infancy, I don't think that it will be passing all of its tests for a 
while, and it would only serve to annoy 'core' developers that lots of 
tests in what is an unrelated module.

Given that there are many reasons to have a separate module, and only 
'we don't really need it now' against, I think it is clear that a 
separate module is the right way to go.


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