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From "Lyytinen Joonas" <>
Subject RE: One True Way (TM) of handling configuration files
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 10:41:33 GMT
Hi Bill,

There are some good reasons why those files are needed. Firstly, for perfomance
and resource management reasons there probably is need to define somewhere e.g. how
many instances of a specific entity bean are kept in the memory. Secondly, some parts of the
implementation need server specific configuration data, since the J2EE spec does not define
the object-relational mapping on specific enough level (i.e. table and coulumn names etc.)
(e.g. in weblogic this is defined in the weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml file).  Finally, there
is the question on entity bean read-write behaviour which must/should be configurable..

> Call me naive, but... why does a J2EE server *require* a server 
> specific file?
> I can think of two reasons:
>   1. lock-in
>   2. an inadequate spec
> I think job one is figuring out whether Geronimo *needs* an 
> implementation specific deployment file before deciding where it 
> goes. For the most part these non-standard files seem to be a pita.
> Bill de hÓra

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