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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [website] : navigation
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 10:03:03 GMT
Sorry, took me so long to respond.

> Having just tried it on geronimo, it seems to have complaints with the
> geronimo layout of projects :-0. The intention with Maven (based on all
> projects i've seen, and what the Maven developers say) is that you 
> have a
> top-level project, and sub-projects off that - and the multiproject 
> plugin

Geronimo is setup like this, though there are ow different types of 
sub-projects (modules and specs).

> seems to need this (understandably when you know how it does its work).
> However with geronimo it seems to be structured to have the "main" 
> project
> off in a etc directory for some reason.

etc/* are just globals, the nesting structure of sub-projects is 

> The only problem you've got is that the current geronimo project 
> structure
> doesn't have the main project at the top-level ! :-( Is there a good 
> reason
> why its up in the etc directory ?

Yes there is a good reason ;-)  IMO multiproject does not appear to fit 
our needs.  It would be nice to have navigation auto-generated, and I 
may have a look to see how mulitproject works to implement something 
similar.  Specifically it does not appear that it will be able to 
handle the different types of sub-projects as sections in nav.

I think in the short-term we will end up writing some geronimo plugins 
to handle this, which can then be integrated back into the proper maven 
bits as needed or desired.


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