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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject [JavaMail][PMC] Allowing commit access to modules/mail and specs/javamail
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:19:57 GMT
Has it been resolved whether or not it is possible to arrange for 
commit access to a sub-directory of the CVS server w/o having to be a 
full Apache committer? I'm generating some stuff for JavaMail, and feel 
that submitting lengthy patches and/or JAR files is slowing down my 
work with the implementation of JavaMail, and also feel that should bug 
reports and/or implementation issues associated with the mail component 
could be attributed to me as they arrive. Of course, JIRA access 
probably goes hand in hand with committing.

I'm also trying to co-ordinate JavaMail implementation amongst others 
as well, but feel that it makes things a bit more difficult for me in 
these initial phases to submit lengthy patches and testing code, 
whereas I'd prefer to submit lots of smaller patches with individual 
tests. But it's a bit difficult for me to write some code, then do a 
'cvs diff', then write some more code, and do a second 'cvs diff' 
because what will happen is the second diff won't just contain what 
I've just done, but also what I did before as well.

I concur with some of the reasoning behind not voting me as a 
committer, because this seems to imply other rights/issues under the 
Apache interpretation of the term. But it's unclear as to what goals I 
have to pass. 6 months seems to be a suggested time-line, but I suspect 
this is a measure for how many patches/code quality that has been 
developed so far, along with discussions etc. However, I'd like to 
point out that I have been fairly involved with the project to date; 
I've sent something like 200 messages on the mailing list and written 
100 classes. (My count for James Strachan's messages was in the order 
of 200 as well, to put it into perspective, and the total number of 
classes in Geronimo ATM is about 600.) [*]

Whilst I respect the PMC's decision(s) about not being made a committer 
at the moment, I'd like to know what/when does qualify. In the interim, 
I'd like to find out if there's a way that I can be more productive by 
working on the JavaMail stuff and being able to commit code without 
having to send patches/jar files each time. I have a few suggestions:

o Investigate commit access to a sub-part of geronimo (modules/mail and 
o Create a branch of the main software that I can commit to that is not 
o Work on a different cvs repository and merge changes back into 
Geronimo's JavaMail in bulk

So, please can the PMC/Geronimo's committer team please let me know 
what can be done about the current situation?



[*] Actually, looking through the mailing list, I'm pretty sure that 
I've contributed the most messages to the discussion. My count was 203, 
James' 197, Jason 169 and committers less than 100.

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