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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Submitted directory structure for new 'mail' module
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 17:22:07 GMT
> That doesn't make sense. The specs for JavaMail are in a separate 
> module, and the implementation of JavaMail is supposed to be a part 
> of, but not tightly intertwined with, the Geronimo package.


> Further, JavaMail has configuration files that need to be kept with 
> the JavaMail implementation; putting them in the 'core' package is 
> going to potentially lose that information and if it gets refactored 
> out then these references may be lost.


> Lastly, there's no real reason why Geronimo needs to depend on the 
> JavaMail specs (per se) but obviously the JavaMail implementation 
> does. I have coded the appropriate project.xml module in the mail 
> module to take account of this feature, so that the JavaMail doesn't 
> need to depend on other parts of the core, nor vice-versa.


> Please can you explain your reasoning why it is better in 'core' when 
> other modules (web, twiddle, xmlbeans) clearly exist and such modules 
> act as a suitable separation of code?

The reason is that your patch did not have any code in it.  Take it 
from my perspective if I go and create modules for everyone who 
submitted a patch with no code, then we could end up with lots of 
empty/stale modules.


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