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From "Nicholas Barratt" <>
Subject RE: User Friendliness
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 17:29:37 GMT
Of course, for even more friendly configuration deployment, you don't
want to have to build at all!  Supporting unpackaged jars/rars/ears/etc
is part of the equation.  The other part (which I haven't seen in the
past) is to allow an archive to be replaced by a pointer file.  This
would alow me to have each of my J2EE components in a seperate project
with no build step at all!  Just update and go.

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Opacki []
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: User Friendliness

Good call! All of those issues are extremely familiar.
Maybe we could hook in some cvs functionality to the
configuration tools.

--- Erin Mulder <> wrote:
> From: "Chris Opacki" <>
> > Configuration file control is always an issue..
> Can't
> > win...just deal. I've always had separate config
> files
> > for different environments. Just something you
> have to
> > live with.
> Well, I'll agree that most developers are going to
> have locally modified
> config files, but that doesn't preclude all version
> control.
> For example, a couple of weeks into a typical J2EE
> project, I might get
> around to hooking up a security manager.   Ideally,
> the rest of the team
> should be able to pick that up in a CVS update/merge
> and run an Ant target
> to refresh their server config files, rather than
> having to manually update
> each of them.
> This sort of process works well with JBoss, but
> doesn't work with WebLogic.
> If we avoid casually reorganizing/reformatting
> config files, there's no
> reason it shouldn't work with Geronimo.
> The idea is to help people avoid those long Monday
> morning emails that go
> something like: "I checked in code over the weekend
> that relies on these 67
> configuration changes.   You won't be able to deploy
> until you cut and paste
> each of the snippets below into the relevant config
> file."
> Instead, that becomes, "Don't forget to update and
> run the 'copy-config'
> target this morning to get the latest security
> changes".   Much better for
> productivity and the overall frustration level.
> And then, of course, coherent version control on
> config files for shared
> dev/test/prod servers is a very good thing.   When
> you're diagnosing a
> problem, being able to use CVS diff to see that Bob
> changed thread pool
> sizes on Thursday and Sue changed the transaction
> timeout on Friday can save
> a lot of time.
> Bottom line is that Geronimo mgmt tools will be most
> useful if they don't
> mangle everything they touch, so this should be
> considered when choosing a
> synchronization framework.
> Erin

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