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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject [build] Dependency management
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 11:36:00 GMT
I would like to change the build system to provide better dependency 
management, specifically so that all modules which depend on something 
use the same version of that dependency.

Currently with the modular build, there is no easy way to load global 
properties such that they are available for use inside of project.xml.  
If this was the case we could use properties to handle dependency 
versioning.  If project.xml was a Jelly script (as the Maven user-guide 
suggests it is), then we could use Jelly to handle including dependency 
information, which IMO is the best option... but short-term until Maven 
has better support we should implement something which does not require 
a modification to Maven code.

James and I have talked about this some, and have came up with some 
ideas.  Some which require modifications to Maven have been 
communicated back to the Maven Users list, but I do not know how soon 
or even if those changes will make it in to Maven any time soon.

James suggested creating a meta module which had all of the 
dependencies for the entire project and then as a default target would 
re-install those dependencies with a special version token (similar to 
SNAPSHOT).  Basically if a module depends on mx4j-jmx-SNAPSHOT.jar, 
this meta module would depend on:


And such it would check for a newer version when executed.  The meta 
module would then re-install the dependency with a version like 
CURRENT, possibly into a seperate group, like geronimo-dependency, to 
keep the hack localized to Geronimo until Maven can handle this problem 

A regular module which depens on mx4j-jmx would depend on:


I like this idea as a short-term solution because it will fit our needs 
and it will also speed things up a tad as modules which depend on a 
SNAPSHOT will not attempt to download a new artifact which may have 
already been checked for a newer version by a previous module.

The downside is that the dependency meta module will need to be 
depended upon by all other modules and it will have to be executed 
before modules will function outside of the reactor.  I do not think 
this is a big deal as there are already such problems when trying to 
perform a clean build when dependencies have not been fully resolved.

Comments?  Suggestions?


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