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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Who are working on the JCA integration part
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:13:50 GMT
Based on my experience implementing and maintaining the JBoss JCA 
support, I have  a couple of strong recommendations.

1. Adapter supplied components (ManagedConnectionFactory, 
ResourceAdapter, ActivationSpec and Administered Object at least) 
should be deployed as ModelMBeans.  In JBoss I did this by generating 
xmbean descriptors from ra.xml using xsl.  This seems to be too 
complicated to maintain, so I hope there is a simpler approach.

2. ConnectionManager should be implemented as an interceptor stack.  
The interceptor needs "getConnection" and "returnConnection" methods.  
Here is a very rough sketch of a possible stack of interceptors:

Top (implements ConnectionManager, deals with finding the correct stack 
upon deserialization)
Method call connection handle caching.  Part of support for hooking up 
a connection handle to an appropriate ManagedConnection upon a new call 
with a different security context.  Also will probably support 
enrolling existing connection (handles) in a new Transaction started 
through UserTransaction.


Transaction level ManagedConnection caching.  This is definitely 
required for LocalTransaction support and seems to be required for all 
XA drivers as well despite the XA spec.  getConnection looks for a 
connection associated with the current transaction (and security 
context and ConnectionRequestInfo), returnConnection calls the next 
interceptor only if there is no transaction.


Pooling.  getConnection looks in the pool for an appropriate 
connection, returnConnection tries to put the connection back in the 
pool.  Only if these fail is the next interceptor called.


Default.  getConnection creates a new connection, returnConnection 
destroys it.


I have the copyright on the (initial) WorkManager implementation from 
JBoss 4/Elba and am happy to donate the code to Geronimo, although I 
still don't understand clearly if this is allowed.  In any case it is 
fairly simple code.

I still don't have any very satisfactory ideas on deploying an inbound 
adapter: this will depend to some extent on how ejbs/mdbs are deployed.

Although I was hoping to be implementing these ideas by now, I don't 
have any time right now and it is not clear when I will be able to work 
on this.

* David Jencks
* Partner
* Core Developers Network

On Monday, August 18, 2003, at 03:12 AM, Sridhar Padiyala wrote:

> Hi
> I am planning to involve in the development of JCA integration part.
> Please help me on the status of the JCA integration part.
> -Sridhar

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