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From Richard Monson-Haefel <>
Subject Re: Author Tags
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 11:33:28 GMT
Author tags in source code is a bad idea.  As many  have pointed out 
you can determine responsibility from cvs and give credit on a web 
page.  To me, its important that the entire community feels that they 
have ownership (responsibility and credit) for all the code. That's 
what open source is all about, after all.  Author tags serve no other 
purpose, IMO, than to give a developer bragging rights to some portion 
of the project.  A credits page would be a much more effective 
instrument for giving credit.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 02:17  AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

>> Code responsibility means that even though anyone may leap in and 
>> hack on
>> a piece, the long term future of a piece of code is the 
>> responsibility of
>> known people. Effectively code-ownership [bad] is implementation while
>> code responsibility [good] is design. Author tags signify code
>> responsibility.

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