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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Updated JavaMail and Activation project files
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 12:25:46 GMT
The initial build put the geronimo-javamail in its own holder, 
presumably so that it would be easier to migrate into commons-javamail 
at a later stage.

Either they need to go into geronimo-javamail and geronimo-activation, 
or they both need to go into geronimo-spec.

There has also been interest in the JavaMail APIs from the James end, 
which was why I think it was originally put into its own artifact 
group; thus, people who want to experiment with JavaMail on its own can 
do so.

At present, though, the situation is less than ideal: activation -> 
geronimo-spec and javamail -> geronimo-javamail. That means you'd need 
both the geronimo-spec and geronimo-javamail in order to use the 
JavaMail APIs.

So I wasn't doing it just because they were their own modules, but 
because of the reusability of those generic components. I'd concur that 
you wouldn't want (say) javax.servlet or javax.ejb outside of a J2EE 
server, but JavaMail you might ...


On Saturday, Aug 16, 2003, at 13:17 Europe/London, Jason Dillon wrote:

> I am not in favor of creating artifact groups for each module or spec, 
> but only for high-level organization.  Specs go into the geronimo-spec 
> group and everything else goes into the geronimo group.
> --jason
> On Saturday, August 16, 2003, at 06:59  PM, Alex Blewitt wrote:
>> On Saturday, Aug 16, 2003, at 12:52 Europe/London, Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> Please, lets not worry about moving things out of geronimo at this 
>>> time.
>> I wasn't worrying about moving them out now, but I don't think it's 
>> sensible for geronimo-javamail to be built as a separate unit that 
>> then depends on geronimo-spec. I think it's sensible to move it out 
>> to a separate build in any case, or failing that fold the 
>> geronimo-javamail back into the geronimo-spec module (which I would 
>> not prefer).
>> Alex.
>>>> Modified activation to be in separate geronimo-activation package 
>>>> instead of geronimo-spec (to support easier refactoring into 
>>>> commons-activation at a future stage).
>>>> Modified javamail to maintain relationship.

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