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From Andrew Oliver <>
Subject FW: Use of "Geronimo" as a project name
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 02:54:19 GMT

One of the principal concerns I heard about the "Geronimo" name is that it
was insulting to Native Americans.  Therefore I contacted the first advocacy
group for Native Americans that I found on the net (googled on Native
American advocacy and clicked around).  This was the reply.

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From: "info" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 16:59:20 -0400
To: Andrew Oliver <>
Subject: Re: Use of "Geronimo" as a project name

Andrew Oliver writes:

> Dear Sir, 
> I'd like to solicit your assistance.  The Apache Software Foundation is
> planning to create an AppServer called "Geronimo".  There has been some
> debate as to whether this would be offensive to Native Americans.  While I
> realize its impossible to say how any particular Native American would feel
> about the name, I'm hoping you can provide some general feeling as to
> whether it would be better to pick another name and/or avoid Native American
> mascots for projects in the future.
> I appreciate any assistance you can lend or any pointers to the correct
> advocacy groups. 
> Thanks, 
> Andy 
Hello Andy, 

My name is Beth Brownfield and I am the Regional coordinator of HONOR at the
new Minneapolis, MN office.

Thank you for your inquiry.  HONOR believes it is up to American Indians to
use American Indian names and logos.  Thank you for contacting us and for
being sensitive to this issue.

Are you a member of HONOR?  Have you seen our brochure on the logo issue.
If you would like I'll send you our new HONOR brochure and the logo
brochure, but will need your mailing address.

Beth Brownfield
Regional Coordinator, HONOR

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