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From "kamesh kompella" <>
Subject Axioms for JCA implementation
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 06:46:01 GMT
            There are some tests in place already under the incubator-geronimo\specs\j2ee-connector\src\test
directory. However,  these are against the classes that are specified in the spec. Beyond
these, as I see it, one can write all the tests one wants, (as they will be testing the interfaces)
 but the more important path of figuring out what's to be done to make the implementations
concrete has to be tread. There are several gaps in the connector specification that will
need to be filled in. These are left out for the implementation. Further, we need to figure
out the axioms for the system.

1. What can we assume and program against? In other words, what are the givens and what is
it we are trying to accomplish? 
2. Are we going to provide hooks to let individual RAs or are we not going to do any implementation
there at all? In fact, what is the purview of this project vis-a-vis the implementation? Are
we going to limit ourselves to simply implementing the contract from the app server side?
 I do realize that providing an implementation for each EIS there is, is hard.
3. The spec does not require that the CCI need be supported. In the light of this information,
are we planning on evolving an API? 
4. In any case, we will need to write dummy RAs that will ensure that our tests run. We will
also need to supply other components that will become a reality eventually when other groups
fill in.

I recall having have heard certain other ideas that are outside the scope of the spec per
se but seem to be the responsibility of the implementation group. I was wondering if anybody
can fill me in on these.

In short, since this is a spec that is pretty much laid out, with most of the work being done
by the third parties or first parties which ever you feel like calling it, I see little reason
for not getting the ball rolling. This is, of course, my 2 cents, and I could be splashing
my ignorance for all and sundry to wallow in. If that is the case, please enjoy the humor
I provided and don't forget to mail me the check. :)

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  From: Nick Faiz 
  To: '' 
  Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2003 3:45 PM
  Subject: Newcomers being useful


              I'm another newcomer. When time permits, I think it would be helpful to give
newcomers a clearer insight into what is needed for the project. For example, I'd be happy
to write unit tests but how do I know that another developer is not doing the same thing at
the same time somewhere else? On the other hand, if someone needs a hand with something like
that, please let me know.

              I'm looking forward to Alex Rupp's design documents ...

              My current goal is to keep an up to date build, learn the design, etc.. Hopefully,
when things settle down, it will become clearer for the uninitiated how to participate.


  Nick Faiz.         

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  From: Siva [] 
  Sent: Monday, 25 August 2003 4:40 AM
  Subject: Contribute [Was Re: Who are working on the JCA integration part]

  IMO,the best way to start contributing is to read the codebase and write unit tests for
it.This way you can start understanding the 

  system and help the system evolve towards a TDD.


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    From: kamesh kompella 


    Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003 12:05 AM

    Subject: Re: Who are working on the JCA integration part


       I am interested in contributing. I have added my name and I was perusing through the
cvs. Can somebody let me know the current status and where I can jump in?



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